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This sustainable indigenous government Initiative brings to life and into perpetual existence the “SOVREIGN INDIGENOUS NATIONS OF ABYA YALA”, to be additionally known as “SINAY”, “ABYA YALA NATIONS” and other acronyms, which are not listed or may be determined later. The initiative of SINAY shall seek to establish recognition of more than 2,756 tribal nations of SINAY by the United States government, Canada and the governments of Mexico and South America. SINAY will create an economic bases and bridges through newly established treaty relations, and partnerships with nations across the globe. SINAY will establish an indigenous citizen data base to protect the identity, heritage, land, and culture of its citizens. SINAY will engage the United Nations along with its Treaty partner the Maori-Tribal-Hapu-State, Wha Atua Nation, of Aotearoa (Nu Tireni/NZ), to establish diplomatic presence and further establish the full recognition of indigenous rights throughout the American diaspora. SINAY shall operate under its nation’s constitution to develop land acquisition process, education, economic and healthcare initiatives. SINAY will establish the SINAY Congressional body, to be facilitated by citizens of the various nations and appointed via democratic election process establish by the government of SINAY. SINAY declares to promote unity, transparency, and Open Government as a prerequisite for the proper development of an indigenous government beneficial to and for all the indigenous peoples of the American terra. 

Vanessa Fluker / Attorney General

Vanessa Fluker

 Maipuri Arauan Nation

Attorney General


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